November 2016

Fifteen Minute Summary of 4,000 hours Research into World Political Forces

Truth is subjective for any who have not directly bore witness.  But ignorance of the truth does not shield one from its consequences.  So it might be wise to take some time away from our trivial passtimes to take note of the world around us.

Updated regularly, please hit ctrl-R to get the latest version. This fifteen minute summary contains important but shocking information, the accuracy of which I would be eager to debate.  I assimilated this data gradually, with some resistance, over the course of 80 weeks; I imagine consuming it in one sitting would yield reactions of disbelief.  Assuming you can't spare 4k hours...

1. How I Started Down This Path

2. Underreported Black/Latino Violence

3. Blatant Bias In The Media

4. Shocking Omissions of History

5. Marxism Is Alive And Well

6. In Closing