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How to Search Missouri Comics (417)862-5888
Here are some instructions on searching our shopping cart for items.
Also, you can call or email us and we can walk you through it.

To View All Listings
1) Product Category = All Categories
3) Sort by = Anything
4) Product Search = Nothing. It must be empty.
5) Filter By Age = All
6) Now click the Search button on the right.
7) 5 Per Page for fastest page loading. This will bring up 5 items. You can use the Next and Previous buttons to page through the listings. If your page is loading quickly, I suggest increasing this number of listings per page, and vice-versa.

Clear the Product Search box.
Choose Filter By Age = All.
Select the category that you are after ( ie - Single Comics / Spider-man).
Sort it any way that you feel best.
Add specific text in the Product Search Box when necessary. ie if you are looking for Amazing Spider-man # 299, just type 299 in the Product Search Box. * Note if Category = Single Comics / X-Men or even if Category = Comic Lots / Spider-man you get the product not found result.Tips

Start with simple searches, then refine them. Choosing the Product Category, Sort By, Filter by Age dropdowns, or the Search Button all refresh the page.
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