Acetaminophen & Autism Studies

This is a preliminary questionnaire to determine the interest in 3 studies to help find further evidence for the Acetaminophen - Autism link. This is not the study itself. People wishing to take part in one or more of the studies will be contacted at a later date for more information related to these studies. Please read below for descriptions of the studies.

Study 1: Is a repeat survey, similar to that of the Schultz survey, of parents with children with autism. The survey will be extended to all who used acetaminophen with any vaccines or at any other times as well, ear infection, etc.

Study 2: Obtain baby hair samples from parents of children with autism as well as adults who chronically use acetaminophen to determine if NAPQI can be tested in hair as an assessment of toxicity.

Study 3: Participation in a prospective study to determine if abstinence from acetaminophen during pregnancy and during first 3 years of life reduces or eliminates autism.

Please remember the preliminary questionnaire is not the study itself. The same preliminary questionnaire is being used for all three studies. You can particate in as many of the studies as you want. If you don't participate in all three studies, many of the questions may not apply to you.

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